Member Profiles


Narendra Kusuma

Narendra is currently a Freshman in UCLA studying molecular, cell and developmental biology. With a strong passion in public health and political activism, he often organizes or takes part in medical social projects for the villages of Jakarta such as Project Bidadari Sayang. Academically, he excels in Chemistry and Biology. He was the Speaker of the House for the Student council as well as the President of the Food and Cafeteria council and the student welfare council in BSJ. Narendra has always felt that he has a responsibility towards his nation, hence wanting to develop Indonesia’s healthcare system in order to make proper healthcare truly available for the nation’s residents as well as improve the quality of the healthcare provided within hospitals and clinics in the country. He hopes that from IME, a trend for anti­corruption ideals and a willingness to help develop Indonesia will begin for Jakarta’s future generation in order to further build our beloved Indonesia.

Mahendra Thohir

Mahendra is currently a senior student at the British School of Jakarta who excels in history and business studies. Mahendra acknowledges the significant disparities between the wealthy and the poor in Indonesia which sparked his determination to participate in charitable organizations as well as preparing to form his own NGO in the future. He aspires to change the way the Indonesian creative economy is viewed internationally by inspiring the youth generation to create their own startups and micro projects. Besides being appointed as the President of the IME conference and initiative, Mahendra was also appointed as the head of the cyber shanty initiative which educates students who live in shanties how to utilize technology for their future occupations. He sincerely believes that internationalism is a major key to Indonesia’s bright future and through the IME Conference he hopes that the youth generation of the world will be inspired to improve the predicament of economic inequality. Mahendra hopes that the IME Conference will bring awareness to the significantly prevalent wealth gap within Indonesia and hopes that IME will also inspire students from other schools across Jakarta to share his vision for Indonesia.


Jacques Isman
Vice President

Jacques is currently a senior in the British School of Jakarta. With a strong passion in business and sports he often travels around the world competing in international sports competitions. Right now he is moving away from swimming to focus on golf hoping to make the division one team in university and one day become a golfing professional. In school, he excels in business studies and Chemistry. Jacques’ altruistic nature has resulted in him creating a project in Sumba, Indonesia called WaterHouse. WaterHouse works in collaboration with the UN to provide rural villages with access to clean water. Jacques believes that Indonesia has the ultimate potential to become the world’s future leading nation. Therefore, he hopes that the IME conference will encourage the youth of Jakarta to make contributions in reducing inequality by joining or creating NGOs in order for Indonesia to become one step closer to becoming an international leader in innovation.


Presley Martono
Chief Financial Officer

Presley is currently in his senior year at the British School of Jakarta. Academically, Presley excels in Business and Politics since he is hoping to major in a political and economics major in university. Whilst many only want to be a spectator of motorsports, Presley, having a natural talent for it, views motorsports as a passion. He competes in Formula Renault 2.0, one of the most exclusive and competitive Junior Formula competitions in the world. Because of this, he is very interested and fascinated about the youth sporting sector of Indonesia. Through his sporting career, he is determined to represent Indonesia in the world stage, and pinpoint it on the world map. Through this motive, he was inspired to participate in hosting the IME conference as a way to present the greatness of the beloved nation that he proudly calls home: Indonesia.


Araza Tanjung
Chief Technology Officer

Araza is senior in British School Jakarta with a strong passion in technology and music. Having been born and raised in Indonesia, he holds a very strong sense of patriotism and hopes that Indonesia will be one of Asia’s digital innovators. He has participated in numerous charitable organizations focused on helping underprivileged citizens. An example is when he worked alongside CT Arsa Foundation, a foundation that encourages the youth generation to pursue their educational aspirations, to help raised funds for providing less fortunate children across Indonesia with scholarships. Having a vision to ensure that the youth generation of the country to start early in developing their passions, Araza believes that the IME conference has the potential to encourage the youth generation to boost technological innovation and improve the creative economy sector.


Kelly Ghozali
Head of Media Communication

Kelly Ghozali is a Senior at the British School of Jakarta who holds a strong passion for business and media. Having lived here for most of her life, she grew up witnessing the flaws that Indonesia possesses and thus strongly believes that social equality for all is paramount for Indonesia to move forward as a nation. Starting early to try and improve social equality, Kelly frequently participates in community outreach projects such as Habitat for Humanity. Her determination to decrease the educational inequality in the nation is displayed through her micro clothing business that allows impoverished deaf and mute villagers in Indonesia earn a basic income. She hopes that, through IME, the youth generation will be inspired to develop the creative economy which is the key to breaking the poverty cycle that these villagers are trapped in.


Nicole Hanusi
Head of Operations

Nicole is currently a senior at the British School of Jakarta, excelling in History and Mathematics. She has a strong passion towards fixing the flaws of welfare in Indonesia in which she believes is key to developing her beloved country. She acknowledges significant wealth and social disparities in Indonesia and is actively involved in community service projects such as, Bintang Bisa and Project HOPE Through this conference, she hopes to provide a platform where everyone has the opportunity to participate in to inspire people to further build the nation.


Thomas Vandenschrick
Head of Public Relations

Thomas is in his last year at the British School of Jakarta, studying social sciences and languages in particular. Due to Thomas’ interest in politics and communications, he regularly partakes in activities revolving around historical and global issues such as Model United Nations and the National History Day competition. Thomas manages to combine different extra-curricular roles such as house leader, writer for the the school magazine and co-leader of the biggest current CAS project in his school. Due to Thomas’ awareness of the importance of education, he suggests that additional ways to learn can allow students to trigger the willingness to know more and enrich oneself. This is why he is convinced that conferences such as IME allow all kinds of people to gather in order to be taught, to be inspired and to be fostered to develop knowledge and to enhance a better community commitment.