Sandiaga Uno



Sandiaga Uno is an Indonesian businessman, investor and politician, and is a deputy governor-elect of Jakarta. Graduated from Wichita State University, he then began his career with Summa Bank in 1990. In 1994, he joined MP Group Holding Limited as an investment manager. The next year, he began working for NTI Resources Ltd in Canada and worked as an Executive Vice President in the company. In 1997, he co-founded PT. Recapital Advisors with his high school friend. He then co-founded Saratoga Capital. Both businesses continue to flourish today. He was listed as 29th richest man in Indonesia according to Forbes magazine in 2009. He continued to grow his businesses, buying a controlling a 51% stake in Mandala Airlines] in May 2011. He was listed as 47th richest man in Indonesia according to Forbes in 2013.